Introducing The Modern Arcade Gaming Experience

Xtension™ produces innovative and up-to-date premium arcade gaming equipment for a high definition modern and/or nostalgic classic game play experience. Our two player multi-console “Pro” and “Emulator Edition” Xtension control boards support our modular 32″ Xtension™  gaming Arcade cabinet series that features a number of models and modular configurations. The Xtension™ “Sit-Down” Arcade cabinet series also features several modular options and upgrades, allowing you to actively take your gaming to the next level. The plug and play technology for our Xtension™ “Pro” controller supports many different game consoles like the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with instant “auto detect” via USB. We use only premium gaming parts like Sanwa JLF joysticks and push buttons for our “Pro” model as well as genuine Suzo-Happ joysticks and push-buttons for our new Arcade Style “Emulator Addition” control board.

Xtension Two Player Control Board “Pro” for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
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SD Board Pro 2

Xtension Two Player Control Board “Emulator Edition”
Click Here To Order   Xtension Two Player Control Board "Emulator Edition" Our supported cabinets are extremely simple to assemble and ship UPS ground therefore eliminating unnecessary overpriced freight fees. Modern sit-down cabinet gaming has resurfaced as a popular phenomenon overnight and can be found all over the eSports community. You can find several top professional gamers like Capcom Pro Tour Top 25 “RG|Filipino Champ“, streaming his online innovative practice dojo as he and many outer top contenders prepare for the up coming world championships.

Xtension™ Gaming is very proud to partner-up with several professional top gaming hardware producers like Mad Catz. Our arcade gaming cabinets are custom designed to fit your favorite tournament ready-stick for that perfect game play experience that will be sure to impress your friends. Our 2 Player Xtension boards along with our cabinet series will become the highlighted center peace of your personal gaming lounge therefore launching the experience over the top!

SD Pro v2 2

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