CEO 2014 Fight Game Tournament

June 27th – 29th Orlando FL,
The Wyndham Orlando Resort

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Xtension Gaming / Rec Room Masters LLC was in full attendance this year at the CEO 2014 Fight Game Tournament in Orlando FL. CEO is far more that your typical gaming tournament, CEO organizer Alex Jebailey actually puts on a full blown highly enterining show! This year we unvailed our new Xtension “Sit-Down” arcade pedestal cabinet with the fully integrated Xtension 2 Player Pro Board with all Sanwa Joysticks and buttons.

CEO separates itself form the rest of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) by using a full size boxing ring as center stage for the tournament finals which presents a highly dynamic and entertaining performance. This event is 3 impactful days of exciting head to head action featuring a majority of the worlds top International players. With action packed steal cage matches, cos-play contests, a variety of venders and even a 30 peace vintage arcade provided by Florida Free Play, you are sure to find yourself fully inverses in everything video gaming has to offer all in one place…

WIth a number of heavy hitting sponsored weighing in like Capcom, Microsoft, Mad Catz, Razer, Gaming Generations, Atlus Games and many more, Xtension Gaming / Rec Room Masters LLC was proud to join the ranks and be sure to cheek out of booth next year in 2015!

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