32″ Pro Upright Xtension Arcade Cabinet “Emulator Edition”

The 32″ “Pro” Xtension Arcade Cabinet Emulator Edition is a retro inspired arcade gaming cabinet designed for casual or “Professional game-play” ready to maximize your gaming experience to its highest potential. This sleek visual arcade gaming centerpiece will showcase any game room and fast become the envy of all of your friends. We have designed this arcade cabinet to make connecting to your pre-existing PC or game console, extremely easy and supports up to a 32″ monitor. We have made it easier than ever to own your own arcade gaming cabinet to use with nearly any game, whether modern or retro. This extremely sturdy 32″ arcade cabinet now fully completes your gaming experience and brings the experience into your home, easier than ever.

SD Board EM ED 2
The 32″ “Pro” Xtension Arcade Cabinet Emulator Edition is designed to offer a variation of game play styles however is not limited to only Retro titles, fighting games, platformers and vintage classics. With a modern HD monitor, you are are allowing yourself the opportunity to take full advantage of the growing number of new up-to-date HD game titles developers are releasing that lend them selves to the classic arcade style of game-play you once new and loved. With this large resurgence of classic remakes, next-level platformers, top down shooters, fighting games and many outer great D-Pad titles, it is no surprise this beloved form of arcade style game-play has hound its way back in to the hearts of many.


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