Xtension Sit Down Pedestal Arcade Cabinet For Fight Sticks

The Xtension Sit-Down Pedestal Arcade Cabinet is a modern head-to-head arcade style table designed to elevate your console gaming and classic gaming experience to the next level. This japanese-style seated approach to the modern and classic arcade game play is designed to set up easier and more affordable than ever. A beautiful center piece of innovative gaming furniture highlights the modular aesthetic of true arcade and even lean-back gaming for FPS, sports and other popular Non D-Pad titles. We have designed this pedestal arcade cabinet to make assembly extremely easy and features an optional monitor mounting upgrade that makes it easier than ever to install and dive right in to seated game play. You also have the option to use your existing living room TV if you decide to not upgrade to the monitor VESA mount stand. With the ability to support almost any fight stick or X-Arcade controller, one can now set up this once painful process in less than an hour and this extremely sturdy seated arcade cabinet can now bring an extremely comfortable and organized style of arcade game play into your home easier than ever. 

The Xtension Sit-Down Pedestal Arcade Cabinet features the same exact fixed bottom section as the original Sit Down Xtension Arcade Cabinet For Fight Sticks, however, it gives you the option of a much larger monitor and far faster assembly without losing any visual appeal. Why spend your hard earned dollars on traditional arcade cabinets when you can easily satisfy your next gen and classic gaming needs with one inexpensive, up-to-date machine? Then simply download and install your favorite game platform (most available for FREE download), and for less money than you’d expect, you can be up and running in no time! Makes no difference if you are a hard-core fighting gamer looking for a cabinet to showcase your skill, or simply a long-time fan of the classic arcade wanting to experience games the way we all remember from the golden age of gaming with a seated experience, THIS IS THE CABINET FOR YOU!

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Xtension Sit Down Pedestal

Xtension Sit Down Pedestal

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